Silk & Beauties
December 1, 2017
January 18, 2018

Please be welcomed beautiful and creative Julia Manita from the sunniest and warmest city in Canada, Vancouver, in the project Silk and Beauties.
Julia is a Marketing Director at “by ANNAFOXY Canada”, which is an unique clothes brand. Since she’s started to live in Canada, she reached emotional balance and harmony. Julia’s main achievement in life is her family, husband and little son, they are her inspiration and support. Currently Julia is successfully developing her business with “by ANNAFOXY Canada” brand. They are delivering gorgeous fashion designed clothes from genuine Italian materials to Canada.
What does a silk scarf mean for Julia? Julia really appreciates handmade, because she did crafts for a long time and she knows that its being driven by our creativity and uniqueness. Each handmade item carries story and little part of artist’s soul in it. Julia wishes everyone to wear such a beautiful scarves with a pleasure.
Julia’s choice is Nar on Red silk scarf from Alexandra Salamakhina brand collection.