Violet & pink scarf Kelagayi
March 31, 2018
Tucan acrylic hand-painted T-Shirt
July 19, 2018
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3 Colors Kelagayi

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  • Size 160cm X 160cm
  • 100% Pure Silk
  • Handmade

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Kelagayi is a pure silk scarf  made in Azerbaijan. This scarf is 100% handmade according to the traditional production methods (from weaving silk thread and till applying of the pattern manually). One of the features of Kelagayi is the provision for both heating and cooling. The silky fabric is very thin and soft, takes care of skin, and provides protection from different microbes. This unique shawl weighs 125 gram and passes through a ring. Kelagayi makers use natural materials only in the production process. Those of blue, red, mandarin, yellow, violet and purple colors are made from various plants, in particular, barberry, wild orange, wild apple, saffron, currant, hornbeam tree, and broom roots.

Kelagayi is a symbol of beauty, grace and honor. Each Kelagayi is accompanied with the designer’s bag and tissue paper, which make them perfect gift set. You are given a unique chance to own one from the limited editions available in Canada.