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July 22, 2018
SEVIL NAVY & BLUE Designed Kelagayi
July 22, 2018
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GULNARA RED & BORDEUX Designed Kelagayi

$ 120.60

  • Handmade in Azerbaijan
  • Hand Wash Cold Only
  • 150 x 150 cm
  • Natural Silk

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Kelagayi is a traditional silk scarf in Azerbaijan. In 2014 kelagayi was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO for its symbolism and craft. Red kelagayi is traditional color worn by brides in many cultures as it represents purity, joy, and celebration. It aims to protect women from envy glares and is treated as a symbol of true love. Illustrated with repeated pattern of Hamsa Hand, it provides defense against the evil eye. In all faiths it is a protective sign that brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.